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Aiming For University

At the beginning of the term students complete Centigrade, an interest-based questionnaire, from which they receive a detailed report suggesting suitable higher education courses. In the Summer Term, our students attend a Sixth Form conference, at which nearly all British universities are represented and where they also attend a series of lectures on university admission policy and life at university in general.

Throughout the academic year the Head of Sixth Form, and our team of tutors, are always willing to discuss higher education and careers questions. Students receive detailed advice on how to complete application forms, what universities are looking for and how to prepare themselves for interview, all the while keeping in mind the highly competitive field of higher education. Students are also encouraged to attend open days organised by universities, in order to be able to make informed choices. Application forms can then be sent off early in the following autumn term.

Stages in the University Entrance Procedure 

  1. LVI Visit to Kent University
  2. Speakers from a range of universities, apprenticeship providers and student finance attend talks at school. 
  3. Visit to the National Higher Education convention to gather information on courses and different universities (June in Lower Sixth)
  4. Personal interviews with Tutor Team (Summer Term in Lower Sixth)
  5. Choose course and five possible universities (Summer Term)
  6. Applicant writes a personal statement to support application (before Autumn Term)
  7. Visit universities, either during the summer holidays or on open days
  8. Complete application forms online. For Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinarian and Oxbridge applications this needs to be done by 15 October 2018 and for most other courses by 15 January 2019
  9. Some courses require interview. If this is the case then you will be given the option of a practice interview in school
  10. Receive offers
  11. Choose one firm and one insurance choice