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Science is about asking the question ‘Why?’ and then finding out the answers. Questions range from those which involve life, chemical elements and particles as small and fundamental as quarks, to those that encompass the whole universe: its birth, evolution and eventual fate.

Science encourages pupils to develop many essential skills, such as investigative skills, planning and evaluation, accurate observation and recording, and concise writing. These skills help and equip pupils to understand the world we live in. We endeavour to teach every child what it is like to be a scientist and be able, through independent thinking, to solve problems logically and understand the impact science has on our everyday lives, both now and in the future.

Above all we hope to engender awe and fascination for this wonderful subject.

All sciences are taught by subject specialist teachers and we have five excellent, fully equipped laboratories – one newly built with the other four refurbished last year.

In Year 7 and 8, all pupils study an integrated KS3 science course which broadly follows the National Curriculum. Topics are selected to provide a sound foundation for IGCSE sciences and enable easier transition to KS4


Pupils begin KS4 topics in Year 9 and then in Year 10 take either Edexcel IGCSE Double Award (two GCSE grades) or Edexcel IGCSE Separate Sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics (three GCSE grades).

The Edexcel IGCSE Double Award and Separate Sciences are designed to be interesting and inspiring modern Science qualifications. The courses give students the opportunity to experience science within the context of their general education and provides a basis for further study in GCE Advanced Level Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics.

AS/A Level

At A Level, all three sciences are popular. The A level course is a two year linear course with an option to take an AS level after one year. All students carry out practical work which is examined in the theory papers. This practical work is an essential component of the A level and is required in order for students to pass the Practical Endorsement.