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Scholarships & Bursaries

Farringtons is able to provide some financial assistance to pupils whose parents could not otherwise afford the fees and these bursaries are awarded on the assessed basis of financial need.

Farringtons also offers a number of scholarships to exceptional pupils and details of these can be found below. The value of any scholarship is up to one term’s fees per annum (with the potential exception of the Sixth Form Academic Scholarship) and each is linked to any change in fee levels, which are subject to regular review.

Exhibition Awards may be also given at the Head’s discretion to anyone who shows outstanding ability, commitment to school and follows the expectations of a Scholarship.

All Scholarship and Exhibition Awards are formally reviewed annually and providing the requirements of the award are being fulfilled and academic progress is deemed suitable, Scholars can expect school fee remission until the end of their Sixth Form studies.

Bursary and Scholarship application forms are available from the Registrar by calling 020 8467 0256 or emailing Please note that external candidates will also need to complete a Registration Form.

Year 7 Academic Scholarship 

How are potential Academic Scholars assessed?

Every year we offer scholarships to high achieving pupils joining us in Year 7. In the case of Academic Scholarships, students are invited to attend a scholarship assessment interview following the entrance examination. To be eligible for a Scholarship or Exhibition Award, candidates must be under 12 years of age on 31 August prior to joining the school in September.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis that the pupil will complete his or her education to the end of their GCSEs in Year 11. Pupils are expected to be exemplary and to maintain a high level of academic achievement; their performance will be reviewed annually and where the required standard is not being achieved, awards may be withdrawn.

What is expected of an Academic Scholar?

Academic Scholars are expected to involve themselves fully in all aspects of Farringtons life by:

  • Adopting a scholarly attitude towards all curriculum subjects
  • Setting an example to other students through their behaviour and work
  • Attending and participating in activities and events that enhance their education
  • Assisting during Open Mornings
  • Contributing towards the School Newsletter
  • Keeping the School informed about future ideas and plans for study.

Year 7 Music Scholarships 

Music at Farringtons

Pupils can participate in music at Farringtons in many different ways: singing in the choir; playing in the orchestra; entering House competitions or local competitions.

Our Music Suite houses four practice rooms (all of which are furnished with pianos) which are used for individual music tuition and practice sessions. The classrooms are well equipped with a range of instruments and music technology facilities. All students in Years 7 and 8 receive free timetabled tuition on a brass instrument.

We also encourage musicians to perform regularly in Chapel, concerts and various musical events.

How are potential Music Scholars assessed?

Music Scholars are expected to perform on at least one instrument (this includes voice) and candidates should be approaching Grade 5 standard on their first instrument.

An audition will usually consist of a prepared piece, sight reading and aural tests.

What is expected of a Music Scholar?

In addition to the requirements made of a scholarship student as stated above, music scholars are expected to involve themselves fully in the musical life of Farringtons by:

  • Attending and performing in concerts and special events
  • Playing and assisting during Open Mornings
  • Assisting with Junior and Senior clubs at lunchtime and after school
  • Attending all rehearsals as requested
  • Being willing to help music teachers with work behind the scenes
  • Contributing willingly towards all aspects of the music department
  • Contributing towards the School newsletter
  • Working hard and being organised in all music and academic studies.

Year 7 Sports Scholarships 

Although close to London, Farringtons is fortunate to have outstanding sports facilities, including 25 acres of grounds and playing fields and excellent indoor facilities allowing for a wide variety of sports to be taught. We also have regular access to Queen Mary's University Sports Ground in Perry Street. Our Sports Hall is a two-storey building and, as well as the main hall, houses a mirrored dance studio with sprung wooden floor, a fitness room and classrooms.

Candidates for this award will be expected to demonstrate all-round ability in a number of sports and be motivated to participate in school teams and compete regularly and enthusiastically for the School.

How are potential Sports Scholars assessed?

Applicants for this award will be expected to do the following:

  • Demonstrate a high level of ability in a range of sports skills
  • Have a written reference from an external sports coach or school report.

What is expected of a Sports Scholar?

Sports Scholars are expected to involve themselves fully in the sporting life of Farringtons by:

  • Being a talented all-rounder
  • Leading by example
  • Contributing willingly towards all aspects of the PE and Sports Department
  • Attending and assisting in sports events and activities
  • Assisting during Open Mornings
  • Being willing to help Sports Teachers with work behind the scenes
  • Contributing towards the School Newsletter.

Sixth Form Academic Scholarships 

Sixth Form Academic Scholarships are available each year; two for pupils currently studying at Farringtons in Year 11 and one for pupils joining us from other schools.

In the case of internal Scholarships, the awards are based upon academic performance to date and a Scholarship examination, comprising a one-hour general academic paper, followed by a one-hour subject-specific paper. Teachers’ recommendations and predicted grades for GCSEs will be taken into consideration, together with the results of an interview with the Head.

For external scholarships, a report from the Head of the candidate’s current school will be required and the judgement based on the prediction (and subsequent achievement) of GCSE grades and the results of an interview with the Head at Farringtons School, if the candidate is based in the UK.

At the Head’s discretion, one scholarship may be shared between more than two pupils in any one year, depending upon the academic merit of all candidates concerned.  The amount of the award will be shared out between those concerned and will be less than the full term’s fees per year per student. Exhibition awards may also be made at the discretion of the Head where applicants in any one year are considered worthy. 

Stratford House Award 

This scholarship is awarded to a Farringtons pupil in Year 11 who is committed to staying on into the Sixth Form. Pupils will be required to give a presentation (on a subject of general interest) and attend an interview with members of the Governing Body at the School. The successful candidate is chosen by members of our Governing Body.

Other Exhibition Awards may be made at the Head’s discretion to students who show outstanding aptitude and achievement in specific areas of the School curriculum or School life.