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At Farringtons, Religious Studies is a compulsory subject for all students in Years 7 to 11 and offers pupils the opportunity to explore the diverse beliefs, ethics and opinions which exist in the world today. Its aim is to develop understanding and hence promote tolerance of the religious traditions and practices which have shaped our world and continue to be of relevance in the modern world.

As an inclusive school with a Christian foundation, we focus on Christianity, but also explore world religions. We utlisise a variety of teaching styles so that all pupils have full access to a range of learning experiences.

Discussion and debate allows young people to express their views openly.

Great emphasis is placed on the need for mutual respect and understanding, which encourages our pupils to value themselves and become responsible members of society.

Pupils’ studies are supplemented by trips to places of worship and visits from members of the different faith traditions, as well as speakers from several organisations, such as Amnesty International.


In the first two years of Senior School, pupils study the six major world religions. Christianity, Islam and Judaism in Year 7 and Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism in Year 8. This provides foundation knowledge for pupils to progress onto the GCSE course.

In Year 9, pupils begin the GCSE course with a study of Christianity. In Year 10 study Islam in depth, then in Year 11 Ethics becomes a focus.

It is expected that students will gain a sound knowledge of all the areas covered and develop the ability to approach moral issues in an enquiring and critical way. Discussion and debate within the classroom is an integral part of this course which offers the pupils a sound preparation for further study in the subject.

AS/A Level

During AS and A Level, students study the 'Philosophy of Religion' and 'Religious Ethics', which are taught and examined as two distinct topics. The course itself is demanding, but most importantly stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding.