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Sixth Form Boarding



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Farringtons is a community dedicated to the spiritual, moral, academic, emotional and physical well-being and development of its members. As senior members of the School, Sixth Formers will wish to do all in their power to develop and promote these aims amongst those around them.

It follows that they will at all times conduct themselves in a way that demonstrates a positive example to others, both inside and outside School, observing – and where necessary enforcing – all the norms of decent and acceptable behaviour.

Some detailed information and guidelines are given below; any specific matters which cannot be resolved in the light of these should be referred directly to the Head of Sixth Form.

School Day

All Sixth Form boarders must register with their Form Tutors in the morning and attend Chapel; they must also register after lunch. During the school day, Sixth Form boarders will need to devote their time, almost exclusively, to timetabled lessons and private study. Therefore they must work independently in School during free study periods; this will usually be in supervised study with the other Sixth Form students. They may only have unsupervised study afternoons when this privilege is made available by the Head of the Sixth Form.

All Sixth Formers are asked to sign a Pupil Contract, giving specific details about expectations and home study time. They must also complete Home Study Request and Visits/Excursions Forms.

Day pupils are welcome to spend time with friends in the Boarding House on any day of the week, but must inform House Staff and sign in/out if they are on the premises beyond 6pm. They must leave before 8pm.

The Form Tutor should be kept informed of medical appointments and other necessary visits.

In order to provide information in the case of an emergency, any Sixth Former leaving the premises during the school day must sign in and out at East House reception.


All Sixth Formers are role models and are expected to be leaders in the School community.  They take their share of various school duties including lunch duty and shared prep supervision. They are also responsible for routine tasks such as ensuring common room tidiness and kitchen hygiene. Sixth Formers are also required to act as Form Prefects and guides for prospective pupils as and when necessary, but not normally during their lesson times.

Duty rotas are drawn up by the Form Tutor in conjunction with students.

If a member of the Sixth Form cannot carry out their duty on a particular occasion, they must notify their Form Tutor. They are free to find a substitute (normally by arranging an exchange) but must inform either the Form Captain or the Form Tutor. If a Sixth Former is unexpectedly absent, the Form Tutor in conjunction with the Form Captain will arrange for their duties to be covered, but they will normally be expected to make up those duties on their return.

Independent Learning 

Contact books are provided for Sixth Formers in order to facilitate the organisation of their studies and these should be used on a daily basis. Independent learning is the responsibility of each student and facilities are available for quiet private study.