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“Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery.” - Martha Graham

In year 7 students are introduced to the fundamental technical skills of Dance; relationships, actions, dynamics and space. We also enhance their use of physical skills through the performance based aspects of Dance and student-led choreography. Dance is delivered through a wide range of topics such as Bollywood, Maths Dance and Nutcracker! Students develop their verbal literacy through appreciation of their own work and that of others.

Year 9 students focus on the more sophisticated technical skill of relationships through both their choreography and performance. Students are encouraged to achieve high level physical skills through in class exercises whilst enhancing their expressive skills like focus and projection through their performance experience. We cover a range of different themes in order to scaffold the learning experience and provide students with a range of sources from which to draw on for their choreography and performance. Homework is set weekly, with students reflecting on their own and that of others from the lesson, it is also preparing them for the application of Dance terminology which is a large part of the Dance GCSE.