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Boarders trip to Le Touquet

Boarders trip to Le Touquet

Over the course of the weekend, the Farringtons’ Boarding school went on a day trip to Le Touquet. Leaving at 4am, the boarders were quiet and grumpy on the bus, exhibiting the classic signs of teenagers suffering from a lack of sleep. The bus remained quiet until we arrived at the channel tunnel crossing where the smell of bacon sandwiches roused the boarders from their silence. Laughter and shrieking ensued as the idea that we were on a train in a bus 40m below the water was too much to handle.

On the other side:

The French sunlight beckoned and the boarders (and staff) began to jitter with excitement as we traversed the twisty, narrow roads searching for a chocolate factory in our behemoth of a coach. Once arrived, we were given a talk about the many intricacies and nuances that chocolate production requires. At first we were allowed to smell the chocolate and as our guide talked, the necessity to eat became overwhelming. The chocolate shop was a seething mass of children frantically spending pocket money on chocolates of all shapes and sizes.

Back on the coach and the sugar had most certainly kicked in. Another short drive and we had arrived in the even sunnier city of Le Touquet where sand and crystal clear water were visible in all directions. At this point the group split. Some boarders opted to enjoy the beach front water park, some mini golf and others simply wanted to explore the town itself. Taking in the sunshine the boarders spent several pleasant hours milling around and enjoying the sights. Finally we made a stop at the large Carrefour outside of Calais to stock up on French cheese and other tasty treats.

The journey home was short and swift. Many of the boarders, drained from the days exploits, opted to spend our final few hours together on the bus in hibernation. A decision we staff, did not protest.