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FIZ In Action

FIZ Club opened its doors to Parents/Guardians whose children have been taking part in the various activities this term; giving them the opportunity to watch the children learning, performing and training, meet the instructors and even get involved in activities!

Here's a flavour of the fantastic activities on offer:

  • The Circus Skills workshop was great fun and even challenged the adults!
  • The children showed off their linguistic skills in Russian, Spanish and Mandarin.
  • There was great acting, dancing and singing during Theatre and Dance when both groups performed 'Cinderella'.
  • Interactive Story Time meant lots of giggling, music and laughter.
  • Tae Kwon Do Little Dragons and their older, more experienced Tae Kwon Do friends were kicking high, kicking low and blocking.
  • Young Irish Dancers twirled and hopped to enchanting music.
  • There was no stopping young gymnasts showing off their great flexibility and strength; balancing on one leg, doing splits, rolling and even handstands.
  • Vibrant colours and different materials were used to create two different Arts and Crafts projects; 3D stars and a winter scene collage.
  • Lots of hard work and patience went into knitting lots of colourful Christmas shapes, creating beautifully unique Christmas cards.
  • One club was particularly quiet because participants were concentrating on their next Chess move.
  • Young Cookery and Bake Off chefs were busy making scrumptious sweet treats, whilst the older pupils made a very impressive gingerbread house.
  • Being messy is not usually a good thing, but in Lego Club colourful bricks being scattered everywhere tends to bring out the children's inner creativity and engineering talents.

One of our pupils, Julie, wrote of Knitting club:

Arabella, Ruby, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Amelia, Ralph and I attend knitting club on Fridays at FIZ. Recently, we have been creating Christmas cards and scarves; phone cases and purses are next! I like knitting club because it is fun and we get to make things.

An amazing amount of work goes into running FIZ Club and we would like to thank FIZ Club Manager, Ewa Wiltshire, and her team of Farringtons staff and external coaches for all of their hard work and dedication.

You can find out more about FIZ Club, its programme and how to book here