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The Brazil Experience

Find out what our Year 4 pupils learnt at their Brazil Day!

Year 4 pupils at Farringtons School, Chislehurst experienced an exciting morning in Brazil. On Wednesday 6th June 2018 the Brazilian Embassy spoke to the inquisitive pupils regarding various aspects about Brazil, they were highly engaged throughout.


The pupils learnt how the Amazon Rainforest is currently being cut down illegally, they were shocked to hear about the awful things happening there, for example the bulldozers are painted green so they camouflage with the trees making it harder for the forest police to spot them.


The year 4 pupils at Farringtons School thoroughly enjoyed their morning Brazil experience learning how to samba dance and trying Brazilian cuisine such as ‘pão de queijo’ which is a cheese bread followed by ‘brigadeiros’ a Brazilian fudge. The pupils loved trying new foods and submerging into the culture of Brazil. They all know lots of interesting facts about Brazil and were even given maps, facts and badges to take home with them.


A big thank you to Senhora Bastos for organising such a great Brazil Day for the Year 4 pupils of Farringtons School.