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Junior Sports at Farringtons Reports

This term Mrs Long organised for 4 pupils to write short pieces detailing their experience with Sport at Farringtons, enjoy!

Sport at Farringtons

By Luciana Smith, Year 4

I have been very lucky to have taken part in a variety of sporting events lately.

It began on Saturday 10th March with competing in the Crystal Palace Cross Country run for year 3 and 4. Everyone who took part ran amazingly and although we didn’t have any rain during the run, the rain that fell the night before made it very muddy. 

We had five year 4 girls take part. 

I was very pleased with my run, I came 4th receiving a medal, and the team finished 7th out of thirty three schools  and over 300 runners.

Well done to Emily Hobbs, Britney Gibinije, Stella Boscolo and Roxy Spencer.

I had Sunday to rest, as school began on Monday with the year 4-6 Gymnastics competition. It was the first time I had taken part in this competition. And I really enjoyed being part of the team. We all tried our hardest and performed the routine well.

This was followed on Tuesday 13th March by Year 4 netball tournament at Blackheath School. We played extremely well and made it to the finals. The final ended in a draw so the match went to golden goal. Ruby-Louise Sawyer scored the golden goal which meant we won the match and the tournament, all receiving medals.

I would like to thank Mrs Long for giving me the opportunity to take part in all of these events and for providing us with the training at Running Club, Netball club and Gymnastics practice to allow us to achieve our best.

My Sporting Week

by Amelia Higgins, Year 5

On Monday morning, I wake up very excited and ready for school.

I get into school at 8.00am and go to lessons at 9.00am.

Our first two lesson are Games, we always warm up, learn or improve a new skill and have match practice. After lessons have finished it is break time; this is when Tia, Sebastian, Emily, Henry, Victor and I go to Mrs Long to discuss our Sports Leader Club from the previous week and what we can do better in the coming week.

On Wednesday, I wake up prepared for running club, which starts at 7.40am. We begin by doing stretches, then go on to do a 2K run around the Farringtons Fields. After running club, I have lessons until 12.00pm. At 12.00pm, the Sports Leaders and I go to early lunch so we are ready to start our club at 12.20pm. Sports Leaders club is where we prepare the two Year 2 classes for Year 3 sports. We teach the girls Netball and the boys Football. We have until 12.50pm and then we take the the Year 2's back so they can get changed.

On Thursday morning I wake up looking forward to girls' football club after school. This club is for girls year 3 - 6. We practise ball skills and then play a match.

Friday is the chance for me to improve my netball shooting skills at lunch time club in the Junior Gym.

We have a triple Games lesson where we run another 2K and have either football or netball.

After school I have Netball club from 3.45pm - 4.45pm.This is squad training for Year 5 and 6.

This is my sporting week at Farringtons.

We also have regular P.E. lesson as well as sporting fixtures against other schools.

My Sporting Week at Farringtons

By Henry Newman, Year 5

Monday: I get up at 6:30am and go to school. After assembly we have two games lessons and this term we are playing football. I am in the A squad and we practice different skills like shooting and then have match practice.

Tuesday: We have our class swimming lesson with Mrs Long. This term we are practising personal survival. After school I have football training for my club Petts Wood.

Wednesday: My day starts with early morning running club with Mrs Long and we all run 2k. I have to have lunch at 12 o’clock because I am a Sports Leader. This means I am one of a team of six year 5 pupils and we have different roles each week. We teach Year 2 skills ready for Year 3 sports. We take it in turns to be ‘in charge’ – taking the register, organising the warm-up, explaining the activities, demonstrations, rules, scoring and teamwork. I like being a sports leader because I get to teach KS1 pupils sports, which I really enjoy.

After school I either have a football match or football training.

Thursday: My day of rest (although I would love to do more sport!)

Friday: I go to early morning running club again with Mrs Long and run 3k. In the afternoon I have triple games and we either play football matches or do more training to finish off a very busy week!

Tia's Week

By Tia Ritchie, Year 5

My school week begins at 7.30am on Monday with early morning swimming. This is with Miss Whitehead and lasts for 45minutes. I have assembly and then we have double Games. At the moment we are playing Netball in these lessons. At 3.45pm I get changed for Football Training with Miss Whitehead and the Senior Girls. This  lasts for 45minutes. At 7.30pm I go to Chislehurst Millennium Swim Squad training for an hour.

On Tuesday I have one lesson of P.E. This term we are doing gymnastics and flight. At 5.30pm I go to Netball training with Telstars Netball Club which lasts 1 hour and a quarter.

On Wednesday I go to early morning running club with Mrs Long. We warm up and then run 2K. After that we a have a cool down and then get changed for school. When school ends I go to Choir Rehearsals for an hour and then at 5.00pm I go to Taekwondo for an hour.At 6pm I go home.

On Thursday morning I attend early morning swimming club with My Doyle, this lasts for 45 minutes. I swim with CMSS in the evening again for an hour.

On Friday I have triple games, when I play Football. I stay for after school Netball squad training with Mrs Long and Miss Wainwright for an hour.

On Saturday I go to FASH gym club and have 2 hours of trampolining.