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The over arching aim of the school is for all pupils to thrive and succeed. The school believes that having a specific learning need is not a barrier to achievement and the Learning Development department helps students to achieve their full potential and become successful and independent learners.

The Learning Development department offers support to students with specific learning needs such as:

* Dyslexia

* Dyspraxia

* Dyscalculia


* Sensory and physical needs

* Speech and language needs

* Communication and interaction needs such as ASD

“I like learning support because it’s really fun and it teaches me new skills. You can play games while learning. It really helped me get ready for exams.” - Year 7 Pupil

We firmly believe in delivering support that maximises a pupil’s strengths and helps create independent learners who can access the curriculum. Learning Development staff take pride in keeping up to date with the latest research and teaching methods and liaise closely with teaching staff. Teaching staff have a wide range of experience in working student with specific learning needs and have taken additional qualifications to enhance their knowledge and skills. Learning Development staff believe we have one of the best jobs in the school!

“I feel like you get the attention you need. You can accomplish things and it’s enjoyable." - Year 10 Pupil

In the Senior School, support is provided by two specialist teachers who deliver individual teaching programmes, taking into account each pupil’s strengths and needs. Support is offered for literacy, numeracy and study skills. Some pupils have one to one support, while others receive support in pairs or in small groups. Support is delivered during the school day and students are withdrawn for selected lessons. Students are encouraged to develop their independence by using technology such as laptops, specialist software or a reading pen for example and the school provides touch typing tuition. For some pupils, it may be advantageous to purchase their own laptop for use in lessons and for homework. Support in the Senior School also includes the assessments necessary for access arrangements in public examinations. 

Students should be of at least average ability and able to access the majority of mainstream lessons. During the admissions process, reports and assessments from educational psychologists and specialist teachers will be read alongside the results of the admissions tests administered by Farringtons School. In some circumstances, the school will also informally assess pupils to ensure that they can gain the most from the curriculum offered.


Our latest ISI Inspection made the following comments about the provision of SEND at Farringtons School:


‘Boarders and pupils with SEND achieve extremely well.’


‘Pupils with SEND make at least good, and often more rapid progress than their peers.’


‘They benefit from highly expert, specialist staff.’


If you are looking for Junior School information please visit Junior Learning Development.