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Below are frequently asked questions, the responses to which will hopefully answer many queries. If there is anything you would still like to discuss please get in touch.

What do I need to bring to Farringtons? 

Apart from School uniform and sports kit, you will need personal clothes to wear in the evenings and at weekends. Include at least one smart outfit, and jeans/casual trousers/leggings. You will also need nightwear, dressing gown, slippers, two duvet covers (optional), and necessities such as toiletries, mending kit, name tapes and materials for shoe cleaning. Space is limited, but you may bring photographs and ornaments, toys, games and books.
All personal items should be clearly marked and should be able to fit into two large suitcases.

How are the Boarding Houses Organised? 

If you are aged between 11 and 16, you will usually share a comfortable twin bedded room in West, South or East Boarding House; there are some larger four bedded rooms available. All rooms have Internet access and there is a spacious common room for each house, dedicated study area and a kitchen for students to make drinks and snacks.

When you move into Year 13 you will enjoy a more independent lifestyle, in preparation for university life. You will usually have your own study bedroom with Internet access, as well as a kitchen, common room and personal laundry facilities.

In all houses, you will be well looked after by our team of residential House Staff.

Will I Like the School Meals? 

The food at Farringtons is excellent with meals freshly cooked on the premises. Farringtons is committed to healthy eating, so you are encouraged to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Breakfast alternates between continental and a full cooked English breakfast, and there is always a choice of cereals, toast and fresh fruit. The main meal of the day is lunch and pupils have a wide choice of a three-course hot meal. There is always soup, a hot main course (with vegetarian option), salad bar, filled baguettes and rolls, pudding, fresh fruit and yoghurts. Boarders enjoy an evening supper, which is lighter than at lunchtime, but still offers a wide choice.

Special occasions, such as birthdays, are celebrated in style every half term.

The Catering Manager encourages our pupils to make suggestions regarding the choices of food on offer. If you have any special dietary requirements, the Catering Manager will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Can I board on a Weekly basis? 

Weekly boarding offers an ideal solution for many famillies, who may find that their time is totally committed during the week. You will benefit from all of the facilities and activities of our day and full boarding pupils.

All weekly boarders leave us on Friday afternoon or early evening and can return on Sunday evening or Monday morning in time for registration. Being a weekly boarder means that you can take full advantage of the extracurricular activities on offer, and you will be supported with your homework and music practice.

Providing we have space available, we can also offer occasional or flexible boarding if you need to stay at Farringtons during the week.

Please contact the Registrar on 020 8467 025 or email for details of our highly competitive weekly boarding package.

Will I Have any Responsibility? 

Once you have been a boarder at Farringtons for some time, you may be asked to act as a mentor to a younger or new boarding pupil.

Sixth Formers have additional responsibilities, including helping to supervise prep and encouraging younger boarders to keep their rooms tidy. We believe this is an important part of growing up and gives you the opportunity to put something back into the community.

Our Senior pupils also act as role models for younger pupils, giving them guidance and mentoring them in an informal way.

Each House chooses a representative for the School Council so that the views of the boarding community are represented within the school. A rota of duties is also shared amongst the boarders.


Everyone, whatever their age, will miss home and family.  There may be opportunities to go home at weekends to family or guardians, as well as during half term breaks.  Everyone knows what it is like to be homesick, so boarders should be encouraged to talk to peers and School staff.

Homesickness does not last forever and in fact, after a few terms many boarders find they are missing school in the holidays!

What do I do if I Have a Problem? 

Always talk to someone. Whether it’s a large problem or a small one, by discussing it, you may come up with some positive ideas or solutions.

You can talk to a member of the House Staff, your Form Tutor, the Head, Assitant Heads or any teacher you feel comfortable with. They will always listen and try to understand. Even if you find the issue hurtful or embarrassing, don’t worry – it will only be discussed by adults who can help you. You can seek help by yourself or as part of a group, or through your parents.

If possible, the staff member will try and resolve your problem in person. If not, he or she will speak on your behalf to someone who can help. If you still feel unhappy or need further advice and support, you can always contact the School’s Independent Listener (details available in the Boarding Houses). A School Counsellor is also available to discuss any problems you may have and appointments can be made via the Senior School Office.

What Happens if I feel Unwell? 

If you are unwell during the day, you must tell the School Nurse, otherwise, speak to the House Staff. If they think it is appropriate, an appointment will be made with the doctor and the School Nurse will accompany you and your parents/guardians will be contacted.
If you are too ill to attend lessons, you will be closely monitored throughout the school day by the School Nurse. On the rare occasion there is an emergency, Farringtons is fortunate to have a hospital with an Accident and Emergency Department in the local area.

What will I be able to do in the Evenings and at Weekends? 

Visit A Typical Day for an insight into what you can generally expect to be doing as a boarder.

There is a programme of weekend activities and visits each term.  All boarders are expected to participate fully apart from Year 11 who may choose a reduced programme. When leaving the School on any occasion, boarders should sign out and in using the book in the main office. When going out for the weekend, or other occasions not organised by the School, a Weekend Visit Permission Form must be completed. This should be done by the Wednesday before the visit and must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Boarders must not travel to London unaccompanied without permission from a parent or guardian, unless they are a Sixth Former

Boarders are allowed to go shopping in Chislehurst and Bromley in groups (numbers depending on Year Group), so long as they have the permission of a member of the House Staff.

How can I Keep in Contact With my Family and Friends? 

You can be contacted by post, telephone and email.

Post arrives at our reception in the morning for sorting and is distributed to the Boarding Houses during the day. You will receive your mail in the evenings on a daily basis.

Parents are welcome to telephone the Boarding House during the evening at reasonable times. You are not permitted to have mobile telephones during the School day, but may have them between 6.00pm and lights out.

You will have your own email address at school and can send and receive emails home and to friends.

Can I Receive Visitors? 

Parents and guardians are very welcome to visit outside of School hours, but must contact a member of the House Staff to arrange a suitable time, as boarders can be very busy doing other activities when they are not in School.

All visitors should report to East House reception in the first instance and must leave the School premises by 9pm

How Will I Make Sure I Have Enough Clean Clothes? 

You will be given a blue laundry box and two net laundry bags. In the morning you should bring any dirty laundry downstairs and put it in the laundry bags ready to be washed. After school, you should collect your clean laundry and put it away. The box should be put in the laundry room each morning, so that clean clothes can be put into it. All clothes should be clearly named.

Sixth Formers may do their own personal laundry if they wish.

Can I Bring my Laptop or iPod to Farringtons? 

Boarders may bring personal laptops, stereos, CD players, iPods or similar items and all laptops must be checked and approved by the IT Support Manager before use. Lockers are provided in bedrooms for the safe storage of valuables, but boarders must supply their own combination padlocks.

The School will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage and all parents are advised to insure any personal items of value