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Boarding House Information



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All meals must be attended in the Dining Room and no food is to be taken from it.

During the week, School uniform must be worn to breakfast. Boarders must change into informal clothes before attending supper.


Everyone, whatever their age, will miss home and family. There may be opportunities to go home at weekends to family or guardians, as well as during half term breaks. Everyone knows what it is like to be homesick, so boarders are encouraged to talk to both their peers and School staff.
Homesickness does not last forever and in fact, after a few terms many boarders find they are missing school in the holidays.


Parents and guardians are very welcome to visit outside of School hours, but must contact a member of the House Staff to arrange a suitable time, as boarders can be involved in other activities when they are not in School.

All visitors should report to East House reception in the first instance and must leave the School premises by 9pm. If reception is closed contact the mobile number for the house you are visiting. 


If a boarder is unwell during the day, they should see the School Nurse, or speak to the House Staff. If appropriate, an appointment will be made with the doctor and the School Nurse will accompany the boarder; parents/guardians will be contacted.
If a boarder is too ill to attend lessons, he or she will be closely monitored throughout the school day by the School Nurse. On the rare occasion there is an emergency, Farringtons is fortunate to have a hospital with an Accident and Emergency Department nearby.

  Electronic Equipment

Boarders may bring personal laptops, stereos, CD players, iPods or similar items to school. All laptops must be checked and approved by the ICT Support Manager before use. Lockers are provided in bedrooms for the safe storage of valuables, but boarders must supply their own combination padlocks.

The School will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage and all parents are advised to insure any personal items of value


Boarders of different nationalities may share a room, with most rooms sleeping two, although there are a few rooms that sleep up to four. The Boarding Houses are committed to integration and encourage boarders from different cultures to share rooms and respect one another.

  End of the School Day

The school day for Senior pupils finishes after prep. Boarders are then able to go to the boarding house and change out of uniform. Supper is at 6.15pm; afterwards boarders have free time until 7pm, when evening prep or an activity begins. From the end of evening prep at 8pm, there is more free time to study, watch television, read or socialise until bedtime.

  What Boarders Need to Bring

Apart from school uniform, boarders need personal clothing to wear in the evenings and at weekends. This should include at least one smart outfit and at least one pair of jeans/leggings. Boarders will also need nightwear, dressing gown, slippers, two duvet covers (optional), and necessities such as toiletries, mending kit, name tapes and materials for shoe cleaning. Although space is limited, boarders may bring photographs and ornaments, toys, games and books. All personal items should be clearly marked.
Boarders should not bring more than two suitcases when they first arrive at Farringtons. During the term breaks, we are able to store two suitcases, or one large bag and a suitcase, so belongings should be kept to a sensible maximum.

  Weekend Visits and Activities

There is a programme of weekend activities and visits each term.  All boarders are expected to participate fully apart from Year 11 who may choose a reduced programme. When leaving the School on any occasion, boarders should sign out using the book in the main office. When going out for the weekend, or other occasions not organised by the School, a Weekend Visit Permission Form must be completed. This should be completed by the Wednesday before the visit and must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Boarders must not travel to London unaccompanied without permission from a parent or guardian, unless they are a Sixth Former

Boarders are allowed to go shopping in Chislehurst and Bromley in groups (numbers depending on Year Group), if they have the permission of a member of the House Staff.

  Money and Phones

Pocket money, passports and travel documents must be handed in to House Staff. Pocket money can be requested weekly.

A mobile phone may be brought to School for personal use. However, this must only be used during out-of-school hours and remains the owner’s responsibility. There are payphones available for boarders to use.